This section of my portfolio provides an overview of, and links to, descriptions of some development projects I have been involved in.
Development projects
As a faculty member of NIE, I am likely to be called upon to lead or be consulted on commercial and military projects. As a student now and a professional before, I have had the opportunity to be involved in the design, development, production, implementation, and evaluation of various projects. I present three projects where I have served in various capacities.

[Project 1-PIHnet]
[Project 2-PT3@ASU]
[Project 3-µLESSONS]

While pursuing my Ph.D., I was involved as an interface designer and tester for various components of the Persistent Issues in History Network. This project is currently funded by a FIPSE grant.

When I was doing my Masters, I was involved as a designed and project manager of the video case interface and database. This project was funded by a PT3 grant.

Before I started pursuing higher degrees, I managed a project called microLESSONS at NIE. A commercial company, Ednovation, later bought the project and took me along for the ride.

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