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I worked as the first microLESSONS project manager from 1999-2000. I also worked concurrently as a teacher educator at the National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore, and a freelance consultant.

microLESSONS are short, student-centered lessons in the form of PowerPoint slides or HTML pages. (See the microLESSONS web site for more information.) The microLESSONS were created by teacher trainees at NIE as part of a required course on instructional technology. The best microLESSONS were selected by teacher educators at NIE and edited/redesigned by teams of instructional designers.

The project was initially helmed by a faculty member in NIE. It caught the eye of a commercial company, Ednovation, and the Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore. Ednovation bought the microLESSONS and sold them as part of a larger package of online resources for students and teachers in Singapore schools.


I had two employers while I managed the project, NIE and Ednovation. I also had to coordinate with MOE because Ednovation was supplying the microLESSONS to some schools in a pilot project.

The NIE faculty provided pedagogical support while Ednovation provided me with access to their technical staff and other project managers. MOE maintained content standards and provided content experts who reviewed the microLESSONS before they became part of a searchable database.

I worked primarily on the NIE campus. As I had access to teacher trainees and some former students, I had the authority to hire as many of them as I needed as instructional designers.


I started of as the lone instructional designer for this project. When it grew in scale, I became its project manager and webmaster.

As project manager, I recruited, trained, and supervised instructional designers. I also met regularly with representatives from NIE, Ednovation, and MOE to maintain standards and requirements and to meet quotas.


1. Project management
The range of tasks in managing this project was challenging and varied, but something I enjoyed immensely.


2. Web site
I was asked to design and construct the microLESSONS web site for two reasons:
1. To explain what microLESSONS were
2. To provide examples and standards for teacher educators and teacher trainees, the latter of whom were initially creating these microLESSONS.

Click the thumbnail above to visit the microLESSONS website.
Click the thumbnail above to view a screenshot of a page from the site.

The web site has not changed very much since I last designed it six years (and three project managers) ago.

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