Below are links to other sites that I have a stake in. All links open in a new browser window.
Personal Web Site
Ashley's Niche
A personal Web site I have been maintaining since July 1995. I pen a "baby blog" here on behalf of my son.
Research Blog
Blog Researcher
A research blog that I started in October 2004 to record my dissertation process.
Minor "portfolio"
Ashley's Projects Launch Pad
While pursuing my Ph.D., I minored in Information Science. I constructed this page to link various projects that I had created previously and to showcase my IS projects.
Masters "portfolio"
Masters "Portfolio" [mirror site]
This was a portfolio of sorts for a Masters course that required me to highlight my instructional Web design approaches and abilities.
Personal Interest: Digital Photography
PBase Gallery
My online gallery of digital photographs: Places, portraits, and peculiarities.
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