This section of my portfolio provides an overview of, and links to, resources on my research interests.
Research agenda
My dissertation focused on scaffolded reflection using blogs and discussion forums as writing tools. I aim to continue my research by investigating how these may be effectively integrated into the teacher preparation curriculum to promote reflection.
[Paper 1]
[Paper 2]

In this section, I present just two papers related to my area of interest. While both are about teacher reflection, they have different foci.

The first paper was written more from an instructional design point of view. The central issue was on how to promote reflection by improving an online journal's design.

The second paper was written from a researcher's and an evaluator's point of view. The central issue was how to design a study that would test the effectiveness of online tools that supposedly promote reflection.

1. Hur, J. W., Tan, A., Brush, T., Saye, J., & Chen, L. (2005). Redesigning the Persistent Issues in History Network (PIHnet) online forum and journal to promote interaction and reflection. Tech Trends, 49(6), 63-68.

2. Tan, A. (2005). Does blogging have a place in teacher education? Incorporating blogs and determining their effectiveness in PIHnet. Paper presented at the annual conference of the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education, Phoenix, AZ.

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