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Presenting the Paper

2. Review of educational blogging & a proposed study on reflective blogging
Tan, A. (2005). Does blogging have a place in teacher education? Incorporating blogs and determining their effectiveness in PIHnet. Paper presented at the annual conference of the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education, Phoenix, AZ.
This paper summarises the uses of weblogs (blogs) in education and highlights how they have been used to promote reflective writing. Research gaps in reflective educational blogging are highlighted and a study is proposed to determine if blogs promote preservice teacher reflection.
I was in the process of refining my dissertation research prospectus when I wrote this paper. I had initially planned on measuring reflection by in-service teachers involved with PIHnet. However, I later relied on a larger pool of preservice teachers from Indiana University.
The three primary reasons for writing this paper were to:
1) provide an overview of blog use in education,
2) identify research gaps in educational blogging, and
3) describe the design of my dissertation research on reflective blogging by preservice teachers.
I authored this paper to summarize my findings after an extensive review of literature on reflection and blogging.

The research entailed an extensive and comparative literature review in three broad areas:
1) the uses of blogs in K-12 and higher education contexts
2) the extent of blog use to promote reflective writing
2) the design of previous studies on blogging to determine (if at all) the effectiveness of promoting reflection


I prepared another manuscript based on developments that took place between paper submission and actual presentation at SITE. I presented a similar paper at the 2005 IST conference and retitled it "Educational blogging: Much ado about something? (Or a review of blogging in education and a research agenda)". The paper, provided below, was retitled for SITE as such, but the title was not updated in the proceedings.

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